Features Of Using Time Clock Wizard Software In Small Business

The Time clock wizard in an online time clock app that solves all common issues and this is very easy to use. The online time clock calculator is commonly used by a small business owner and it is also widely used by employees to estimate their next pay and budget according. This software has spent thousands of the hours developing the easiest and the most accurate online employee time clock system is the world. The time card calculator offers the optional setting and they are twelve hour’s military clock. It provides payroll functionality as a part of the basic software application to allow for the overtime, reporting, and others. The other frequent users are freelancers like programmers, writers, and graphic designers and it is automatically credited or deducts for the lunch breaks and the regular breaks. Time card calculator is a powerful suite of tools used to maintain and process employee timesheets and it handles every aspect of timekeeping accurately, transparently and efficient.


Features Of Time Clock Wizard

  • Time cards are password protected.
  • Labor can clock in or out as many times in a day.
  • Automatically calculates overtime.
  • It also offers some optional clock features.
  • Time card can be displayed in hours, minutes and seconds.

The time card calculator will now remember your data from days and weeks. This minimizes time theft and time fraud and it improves the supervisor visibility, labour planning, and reporting. It helps to calculate hrs and pay with the overview overtime hours, overtime pay, overtime rate and others. You can also return every day to input the next day of times and also reuse weekly time card data. The time card calculator calculates with that day then run a final calculation at the end of every week. It can help you to calculate your billable hours in three different ways and they are time card calculator, timesheet calculator and excel timesheet training. The clock point feature is a powerful management tool because it combines a mobile phone Internet Protocol and global positioning system address recognition capabilities to report an employee location.